We escape the country for a short period in March of 2004. Authorities escort us back days later.
Paka mistakenly thought that Shasta enjoyed the "super sour spinach strips" that he brought to snack on while in line.
You've got to be really confident as a corporation to have something that sinks as part of your logo.
Billy: This is the coolest thing ever. I'm never taking this off, not even in bed. Lora, why are you crying?
Paka, reviewing the pictures on his camera, could have sworn he hadn't thrown a risque pajama party recently. But the pictures told a much different story.
Andy was transfixed by the cruise ship crew's demonstration of how not to smuggle goods out of Mexico in your orifices.
Jason prefers his drinks intravenously.
The emergency drill they had us perform made us feel neither prepared nor confident that we would survive the cruise. We were slightly reassured, however, when the crew informed us that the sharks would probably be full by the time they got around to us adult males, seeing as they prefer the flesh of children.
Andy: The plan is coming together. Soon this world wi...hey, let me turn a little so you get my good side at my moment of triumph.
Billy: You hear this Paka? That's the world smallest violin. And..oh, you really do need to stabilize your blood sugar? Shit, I'm sorry, I'll get you a snickers.
Cruiselines - Where nipple guard designs go to die.
Dorothy tried to control her rage as the children at the table behind her chanted "Bloody mary, bloody mary, splashed her dress and now she's Carrie!"
Part of the nighttime entertainment involved piano players and rectal thermometers. We didn't stay long.
Billy accidentally swallowed the straw along with the olives. This made for a few minutes of ineffective heimlich maneuvers, and twenty minutes of a pretty cool whistling noise from Billy's mouth.
Ryan Seacrest once again ruins an attempt to photograph some dirty dancing.
The barefoot woman and her rowdy boyfriend (not shown) disrupted two of the piano shows. Some well placed thumbtacks and grease on the dance floor, however, helped persuade them to leave.