Sliding down the mountain on our asses for your amusement.
Paka would never forgive Sean & Jen for eating his 'driving oreos'.
Jen: And I'd do it again too!
Not to be confused with those posers at Powers Blvd.
Paka had an itch that only manifested itself when a camera was pointed at him. I've sent this case into all the major medical journals.
The snow beckons to us beyond of beautiful San Bernardino.
Due to time restraints we couldn't visit Hospitality Lane to see what else that had to offer.
I had a nagging feeling we were being followed.
Jen couldn't help but think it was a bad omen to be seated next to the ski patrol on our first lift of the day.
Big Bear lake. Now with 50% more bear!
Billy, in a fit of depression, aimed for every tree on the course. Luckily for him, his right leg was shorter than his left, so he missed each one by inches.
Jen knew the group would never believe she just had a run-in with a ferocious Yeti. The hard part now was explaining why the back of her pants was missing.
Wes liked to tell people how he was as solid as an oak, as limber as a spruce, and as sweet smelling as a pine. Yeah, we think he fucks trees too.
Just think; 10 years ago this was an ancient Indian burial ground. Progress truly is a wonderful thing.
Billy: Hurry up and get the shot. Some guy back there asked me if I "wanted to be his snow bunny." Scary thing is, he had a really big carrot in his hand at the time.
Wes didn't allow women he traveled with to wear protective eye gear. He had a bit of a squinting fetish.