It was us vs. the mountain. Steve made up his mind early on: we were gonna cheat.
Steve: I dare you to make love to that squirrel. Andy: You're on. Steve: That was fast. Were, were you already planning on doing that? Andy: ....
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The first game of the day. Also known as "Hide until time runs out".
(in Tim Meadows' Johnnie Cochran impersonation voice)
That's a nice rock. That's a good looking rock. If that rock ran for president, I would vote for that rock. That rock is superb. If I were a rock, I'd make sweet love to that there rock.
Sioux Falls panorama.
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It's pretty much water...in motion.
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Steve comes down with a case of the vapors and retires for the round.
Melissa: ..and if I grab its tiny little head in my palm, and squeeze, it makes funny sounds and squirms around. Isn't that adorable?
Squirrel: Sure, my name is Plague Squirrelthalamew III, but that's just a name. Judge me by my character, not my...oh shit, I bit you. You should probably see a doctor.
Jen knew the group would never believe she just had a run-in with a ferocious Yeti. The hard part now was explaining why the back of her pants was missing.
We didn't want to leave Melissa behind, but rules are rules.
Big Bear lake. Now with 50% more bear!
Why didn't anyone tell us that half of us looked like 90s action villains/goons?
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There were several signs warning us not to feed the wild leprechauns that lived under the rainbow. But as my grandmother always used to say: "a sign is just a suggestion."* * granted, she did say this before dying in a fiery automobile accident, but still.
Billy, in a fit of depression, aimed for every tree on the course. Luckily for him, his right leg was shorter than his left, so he missed each one by inches.