IMG 0007
Ron liked to pretend he was a server in a restaurant, giving everyone artichoke dip appetizers. But he didn't have any props for it. Why? Nobody knows. Best to just play along.
IMG 0009
Amy's favorite part about having a pet miniature t-rex was that it was cute AND could eat the chopped up remains of her enemies.
IMG 0012
Lost a sweater, gained a dog. And are those two brand new drinks?
IMG 0011
"Nope, Amy is practically perfect in every way. No faults found. That t-rex isn't nearby, is it?"
IMG 0018
"We ride at dawn. Wait, maybe not dawn. That's pretty early and there's been drinking. Let's make it 11. More like a brunch ride."
IMG 0016
IMG 0019
IMG 0022
York's musical theater knowledge was vast. But it cleared the room when he belted out the theme to Xanadu followed by the underwater song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
IMG 0020
"I'm sorry, my nipple tore right through my shirt and vest. Leather vests just do something for me."
IMG 0027
"I press this button and someone comes to top off my drink?"
IMG 0032
Did Amy forget to feed her dinosaur before the party? I'm sure it's fine.
IMG 0033
Lem thought it odd that a full sized dog was in the prop box, but it's what she grabbed.
IMG 0036
An iguana, a t-rex and a Reno blackjack dealer walk into a bar...
IMG 0035
Monkey rhino? Monkey rhino.
IMG 0039
The Rainbow Killers take no prisoners. Because they're killers. That goes against their ethos.