Tobin was overjoyed when he discovered the scorpion we had slipped into his backpack during the night. You're welcome buddy.
Sean: Where have you been all my life?
The best reward for surviving miles and miles of hiking: heavy drinking.
The Lee sisters caught at an alternate campsite, plotting whose pants they would slip the hot corncobs down that night.
Christine and Melissa had just told a group of young tourists that they had kayaked down the waterfall. Hoping to catch the suckers attempting it in the background, they had a passerby snap this shot. Out of respect for their surviving families, I have photoshopped them out.
Yosemite Valley - home to trees, rocks, and thousands of blood sucking mosquitos now carrying our genetic code.
The squirrels, however, would make us pay for Steve's hubris.
Steve, upset with the incoming storm and nature's steep inclines, decided it was time for payback.
Melissa: Take the damn picture! This wedgie is killing me.
Alex thought no one was watching when he snuck off to the lake on the second day of hiking. He never counted on the fact that we'd pull a "Pippi Longstockings" and eat his clothes so he'd be forced to run about comically without a stitch on. Genius.
You'd be surprised what kind of workout you get running from rabid billy goats.
A storm rolled in preventing anyone from getting to the top of half-dome. Apparently up in the 'wild country', people get electricity for free in the form of 'lightning'. And water for free in the form of 'rain'. We're pretty sure PG&E or SCE will put a stop to this archaic competition soon though.
This waterfall didn't have a "if you fall, you WILL die" sign near it. We were pretty sure that meant it was safe. The parachute we had made out of trashbags and candy wrappers would finally get some use.
Right in the middle of an actual argument about directions, Alex and I document the scene, just in case we're asked about it in court sometime later.
Paka had never seen chipmunk testicles that big before.