Steve: Man, I never thought I'd be saying this, but....'What would Ben Affleck do?'
Vince liked to keep all his chips in one long row. Anything else seemed unnatural.
Andy's quick hands served him well once again.
Paka (swaying slightly): This is great. Shot after shot without some jerk bartender telling me "You've had enough!" or "That beer is $8.50" or "Sir, please remove your penis from the bar."
Because he lost a bet, Paka agrees to do the ring of fire. This consists of one shot of each beverage on the booze carousel.
Paka: How come one of these says 'Turpentine'? Is that a new brand of vodka?
Dorothy: Ok, here's one: You're on a full bus when in walks Jesus, Ghandi, and Telly Savalas. Who do you give your seat up to? Shasta: Hmm, two bald men to choose from. That's a toughie.....