The most amateur gambling you've ever seen. And some karaoke just to confuse you.
Steve: This poker party is gonna have a lot of karaoke, isn't it? No no, that's just fine. This is my fifth beer. Another half hour and everything you say will be hilarious.
Jen knew she should probably go the hospital with her broken neck, but she couldn't tear herself away from the horror of other people singing.
Groggy after being unconscious for 40 minutes, Sean knew he had to be hallucinating, because he could have sworn that jar held something that used be attached to him.
Madeline: I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you. Sean: Your hand is on my knee. Madeline: Shit! You win this round Sherlock.
Jess couldn't wait to see the look on Sean's face when he discovered the raw chicken in his drink. It was hilarious, because, you know, he likes chicken so much.
Madeline: Oh my god, he drank the chicken!
Paka's energetic singing of "Me So Horny" scared us. A lot.
No matter how hard they tried, the "we don't know this girl with the mic" routine wouldn't work this time.
Jess: Hey, you guys can't change the cha...woah. Is she? And he? And the trapeze? Hot damn, Kenny Rogers can wait.
Halfway thru their rendition of "Afternoon Delight" Paka: Wait a minute. Is this song about nooners?!
Dorothy wasn't sure how Andria made those noises, but she hoped she'd never stop.
Andria was slightly embarrassed to find out that it was "wrapped up like a deuce" after her spirited first verse.
On Lora's recommendation, Paka applied extreme pressure to his groin, hoping to finally hit that note in Bohemian Rhapsody.
Madeline (whispered): She keeps me in a closet. Send help.
Lora: Hava Nagila? Shit. I only speak Gentile.