Gabe's New Year's (2003-2004) wedding.
Jess came here with Sean, but she'd be leaving with the shrub. All those pretty lights...
Gabe, temporarily confused by the power of the camera flash, would later sit down at his in-laws' table and confess how many shots he took before the ceremony.
Gabe: ...yeah man, she's special. She makes me feel like the most important man in the world. She warms my heart, my you smell burning?
Sean, John-Mark and Randy together again. Now, if they just hand a banjo, a bottle of whiskey, and an angry ferret, this could be a proper reunion.
Larry Hagman took his pictures quickly and then moved on, before anyone could make some snide 'Dallas' comment.
Aulaiwon knew this wasn't the time or place to tell her 'howling sex monkey' joke, but she didn't know when she'd ever have such a captive audience again.
Gabe: C'mon, let's just sneak into the bathroom for a little bit. Emily: Gabe. Gabe: No one will notice us leaving. Emily: Gabe. Gabe: It'll be romantic and stuff. Emily: Gabe! I'd like you to meet my great grandmother, Helen.
Randy: I knew I shouldn't have worn boxers. I'm getting no support whatsoever. And I can't keep my hand in my pocket all night.
The wedding cake was lovely. A simple white topped with rose petals. It was also flavored with the tears of the innocent, giving it that extra something special for such a unique occasion.
Emily (internal): I don't know who this is, but it's my wedding and I'm hugging everyone.
Man: They have the strangest party favors at this wedding.
After cutting the cake, Emily went straight to the customary "pepper spray the groom" portion of the night's entertainment.
Everyone shaking their groove thang.
Sean's irrational fear of polar bears was growing by the minute.
Randy always liked to check out the goods before buying.