Manzanita Res Hall and Carrillo Dining Commons, the day before the students come and ruin it all.
Worker: Wait..does that sign say something about safety? Shit! I forgot my hard hat and protective cup today. The fellas are gonna turn my twig n berries black and blue this time fer sure.
The Carrillo pool isn't going to be ready until Spring quarter. But they filled it with water anyway so that it would look presentable. Oh, and to hide more bodies in its cement foundation.
The entrance is now on the complete opposite side of the building. Now with Lakers purple and gold colors.
Partially covered staircase of one of the buildings. That blue/grey is a unifying color for the complex.
The bikeracks of Ra, the sun god. Don't you even think about parking your POS cruiser over there.
String lights hung over the outside portion of Carrillo.
I couldn't resist the bounce lights.
Apparently this man is the godfather of Carrillo. I think I saw him stroking a cat, but he might just have been cutting up some meatloaf. I can't be sure.
Steve & Alex. Yup, that's them.
Padding was put in the elevators so that heavy objects (dressers, fridge's etc..) wouldn't scratch up the nice metal sides. Paka's curiosity got the better of him, and he accidentally knocked one of the pads almost completely off. We stopped him before he could scratch his name into the elevator wall with a pen knife.
Yes, this is a dining commons. For students. And this is just the outside area.
Dust Bowl Contagion. Coming to a theater near you.
The view from Jess' apartment. She plans on standing at the window admiring her view so often that she purchased a heating pad (lower right) to soothe her aching muscles.
Future mini-golf course.
What evil lurks in the hearts of men? The shadow knows.