The Isla Vista Earth Day celebration. Bands, beer, hula hoops, and love at half off (they were fresh out of the free variety).
Pip: What? Doesn't your umbrella match your underwear?
Eric: I know this is Earth Day and all, and we're supposed to be bonding with our fellow humans, but do I have to play patty cake with everyone in the crowd?
Logan shows us his guns. Or he's trying to stop bullets with his invisible Wonder Woman bracelets. Either or.
Chausse has no idea what this thing does. But he sure does like to turn knobs.
On each flag was written the hopes and dreams of an orphan child from a third world country. It's a shame we had to recycle them all. The flags, not the children. We're not monsters.
Woman: Hey, we've been sitting here for three hours staring at an empty stage. I hope something happens soon. You're sleeping behind those glasses, aren't you? Terrific, just terrific.
Eric coming back from putting the smack down on a NY fan. It was the day to love the earth. No one said anything about loving the Yankees. Especially not to a Boston fan.
Brian enjoys long walks in the park, listening to his iPod, and writing Beatles Communist Revolutionary Erotic Fan Fiction.
Silent Wei rocks the park with their jazz fusion. So I guess they "jazzed" the park. "Fused" it?
Guy: Oh man, I've been jazzed to my fuckin' core! Anyone want some kettle chips?
Chausse's epic retelling of the story of Little Bunny Fufu was always a hit with the ladies.