Kite Festival - March 2003
The life of an inflatable frog is a tough one. First, you're gutted and thick cables are tied to you face. Then wind sheer robs you of your genitals. Boy, it just wasn't his day.
You know what they say: you can lead a frog to a kite festival, but you can't make him fly.
"I command you, rise my pet! Rise up and smite my enemies!!"
Seconds before this picture was taken, all the kites were huddled together, whispering. I'm onto you kites.
Large kite: *sigh* I told you already. I don't swing that way. Find yourself another gust of wind buddy.
The rainbow kite was happy. It had just kicked the shit out of a confederate flag kite. And yes, that is a pair of legs flying in the bottom of the screen.
The American camp prepared a cruise missile to launch a preemptive strike against the viking warship off their port.
A woman nearby was saturating the area with ginormous bubbles. I barely escaped her barrage.
This is the bubble lady. Clearly, she is a threat to all peace loving kite enthusiasts. And I'm not too sure about the motivations of 'thumb-sucking kid' or 'lakers fan doing stretches for no reason' either.
Little girl (internal): Uh oh, here comes mommy. She said daddy couldn't buy me any cotton candy. I better hide it somewhere mommy would never look. Oh, I know!
The black kite wasn't being sold at that tent, it actually crashed into it. The leprechaun that was riding it was thrown headlong into the bosom of an attractive clerk. Their love still goes strong.
While it may appear that Naomi is hugging Jess, she is actually protecting her from a crazy kite terrorist that was trying to attach string to young ladies' underpants in an attempt to "fly them high".
Mother: That's great Sam! (internal) That kite line is as limp as their father.
Naomi enjoyed the kite festival. What? There is no joke. Move along.
(Part 1 of 4) The sky was a flurry of peaceful activity.