A crazy parade up State Street to welcome Summer to the neighborhood.
Shasta knew her days as the pink power ranger were long over, but she couldn't help but feel nostalgic with all these costumed folk running around.
Skipping rope was Katy's one true love. Well, and tearing the wings off of butterflies. But that one was less well publicized.
"Ice cold lemonade! Ice cold water! If you don't buy anything I'll probably die of heatstroke. Or skin cancer. Or like....exposure. C'mon people, spare a dollar!"
"Now shake your wings for your father. I'll send this picture along with my request for this month's alimony. It'll drive him nuts."
Girl: Daddy daddy! That doggy found your bootoof headthing. Look, he's cleaning it with his tongue for you. Nice doggy!
While the older kids reveled in their superiority, little Becky stayed strong with the knowledge that confetti would wash out of her hair, but bites from a snapping turtle hidden in certain girls' beds would last a lifetime.
Deep down, Sparkles knew the confetti wasn't "child seasoning", but a part of him imagined it anyway.
The skateboard posse arrives on the scene.
"Get off me land ya hippies!"
"It's ok mom, I'm sure that kid didn't mean it when he said your hat looked like what happens to gay angels when they retire. How does he know what retired things look like, he was only 8!"
"Come to daddy my French queen."
"Candied sprinkles for everybody!"
You can't stop the sacking.
Guy: I'm totally out of focus. You should try it sometime. It's marvelous.
"Draw something nice, she says. Don't make it involve torturing your little sister, she says. Don't draw a pentagram, opening a portal to the hellmouth she says. Bah. I bet Picasso didn't have to put up with this shit!"