Crazy parade held downtown every year. The point? I'm not sure.
UN weapons inspectors turn ons: chewing gum, beer hats, Devo. turn offs: frilly hair things, gas masks, mentioning that all their tools were canibalized from the MST3K robots.
Doing his best impression of George Bush, Rob "the studmuffin" McNeal irritated parade watchers by approaching attractive women in the crowd and asking if they "wanted their sovereign land invaded *wink*"
The weapons inspectors were quick to scoop up the all too real droppings left by Mr.Gator.
The inspectors prepare for their first body cavity search of the parade. The man in the vest was given the choice of the curling iron (far right), or the 3 and a half finger special (center).
Dragons become significantly less terrifying when they insist on integrating a parasol into their costume.
The giant ballet was also in town that weekend. Here's a tip: if the blue ballerina says she's a butterfly, don't argue with her.
This float won first prize in the "dr.seuss scares the shit out of little kids" category.
Nothing earns respect quicker than holding a mime's head on a stick.
Police snipers were in place on the off chance that the local Elk's Lodge would do a repeat of last year's "pitch a tent in your pants prance."
Whenever you'd ask this fellow a question, he'd put his ear up to the horn, pucker up his face, say "ehh?!" and then emit a high pitched laugh. He kept doing this until someone in the crowd used a boat horn inches from his head. It seems it is much harder to laugh with blood gushing from where your eardrums used to be.
Salvador Dali's teapot.
Inside the teapot was a woman swinging bolos while wearing a hat made of a discarded chandelier. I have nothing more to add.
Maximus Secondgradius slayed the evil pac-man monster with one blow.
Standard issue for female photographers in Santa Barbara. Altho I see she's neglected to include the belly-button ring. Tsk tsk, it's a shame, but I'll have to report her.
Granny the Genie has emerged to grant your shit-related wishes.