The parade that none of the participants signed up for.
This woman apparently missed the memo banning Three Amigos colors from being worn along with high heels. Some people have no respect for the classics.
Little Girl: I'm sorry, I'm out of candy. You'll have to get it at the store like everyone else you cheapskate. Oh, and you got crap in your hair.
Woman with camera (quietly): There's a young man back there taking pictures of our children. Take him out back and shred his pervert arm into a confetti egg. The others: Yes godmother.
The Citrus Girls, seen here, just one day after lead dancer Claire got released from the Betty Ford Clinic.
Loz Zorros, the notorious band of candy thieves from Carpinteria, flaunt their disdain for authority by participating in the fiesta parade.
The older mariachi was being paid by the hour, and these young-uns were walking way too fast for him to be able to afford that adult-sized guitar he'd been eyeing.
Woman: I bring you peace! Ok, so it's just shredded paper, but you simpletons don't know the difference. Peace for all!
The belly lint hat craze finally sweeps into Santa Barbara.
Mike TV didn't know why he was here with these mexican kids. Or why he hadn't aged in the past 40 years. But he did know that if his mom withheld another Wonka royalty check from him, it'd take more than a candy bar to settle him down.
Fiesta, the only time besides Halloween when the baby/adult mutants come out to play.
Kid Cowyboy: What the...Dad!!! You told me I was getting the turbo model. This thing couldn't gallop its way out of a paper bag!
Mother: Son, did you...did you just lift up my skirt? Don't look away and act all innocent. Mommy can find a date her own way, thank you very much.
Monk daddies; because making/drinking whiskey for 30 years can cause you to forget a few things you might have done.
Baby: I said no pictures lady! Bruno, do something terrible.
Pet skirts, because nothing is more embarassing to a pet than having humans see their legs.