The IC crew goes out bowling in the Fall of 99. Pictures from a low quality digicam.
Alex was remarkably upbeat for a guy with a broken neck. He even gave some encouraging "words" to Jen who had to stay behind to work on bowling night.
Paka heartily endorses El Pollo Loco and all their products. Send him chickens. Dead or alive, it does not matter.
Oh yeah, only hardcore bowlers are comfortable enough to be photographed hugging themselves.
We know we shouldn't have thrown another ball, what with the repairman servicing the machine, but we couldn't help it. And hey, we got to play with a leg shaped pin the rest of the hour. How many people can say the've done that?
Christine didn't normally like alcohol, but after seeing Wes cool his testicles on the ball return fan, she would learn to love it.
Sean had a unique form when he bowled. We think it had something to do with his former career as a speed ice skater.
The Breast Holding Society has its first meeting of the year.
For once, someone besides Wes had blue balls.
Paka's philosophy on life was a positive one. He was positive about his future, about his bowling, and about his abilities. He was also positive he couldn't hold that fart any longer or he was gonna explode.
We bet Tobin $20 that he wouldn't stand still while we threw a 10lb bowling ball at his crotch. I guess we "lost".
Christy's 'Wheel of Fortune' audition was a little lackluster. One, she was seated. Two, she was plastered. Three, Vanna White would never refer to the letter X as "the sexy bitch of the alphabet."
Paka made fun of other people's bowling form to make himself feel better. He also slashed their tendons. But that was more to show off.
Entering week 4 of the gag, Wes was no solidly convinced that women loved pirates. By week 6, we hoped he'd built up to buying a parrot.
Our hacking powers came in handy when Sean installed Quake III on the bowling hall machines.
Tobin was new to the group, but he was pretty sure dropping a dead mouse into Ado's beer wasn't going to get that laugh Sean expected.