The merry IC gang travel to the frozen north in search of adventure.
The first few times were cute, but after the second hour of YMCA by the Village People, Paka and Shasta's obsession got a little scary.
Even though we always picked Christy up from a different hotel before each trip, we never quite put the pieces together...
The stress of always having to put on your party face was tremendous. Jack just wanted to watch the sights sometimes.
We yelled at the driver, trying to uncover what happened to e-viper 1-7. He inexplicably sped up.
Not everyone enjoys 'Adult Hand Puppet Theatre'.
Progress was slow through the mountain terrain. Chris' insistance on slowing each time he saw a misshapen tree and screaming "YETI!", might have had something to do with it.
Traveling to parts unknown, we decided to partake in their exotic cuisine.
Sean: They'd never find a body hidden in those mountains. Er, I mean, pretty snow. Yeah, pretty.
When a naked 70 year old man takes your picture for no reason, people tend to notice. He had to be stopped. We might have lost our appetite, but we gained a pretty nice camera out of it.
After arriving in San Francisco, Sean, Wes and Chris decide to do what they do best: sit on a couch and pretend to be happy.
As Wes' arm moved closer and closer, Chris was paralyzed with fear....and a tinge of curiosity.
Alex, unaffected by Ado laying across his lap, continued watching the progress of an ant on the coffee table.
Randall, temporarily forgetting that his girlfriend didn't come on this trip, was about to meet the overly friendly german shepherd of the house.
A sneak peek at Kash's Xmas card photo.
"I fully support the services and/or products provided by this business or individual. They're fannnnnnnnnntastic!" "Where's my money?"