A low-res, pre-digital journey into the mountains. Come for the scenery, stay for the outdated references.
Before we got under way, Paka carefully explained his rules of the road, which he had stored on his Palm Pilot V.
Rule #1 - no license plate, no ticket.
Rule #2 - if your sleeping bag "accidentally" falls out the back, Paka's bag sleeps two.
Rule #3 - guys? where'd you go?
The infamous floating chip. We were so amused that we barely noticed the hawk sweep down and grab the chip along with Paka's left hand. Still, worth it.
Just a little more fiddling and Tobin knew he'd be able to make his rod as straight and long as Steve's.
Reactions were mixed when Russell Crowe showed up nude in our camp.
Sean wondered why his finger tasted like guava. Guava? Passion fruit? Either way, where has this finger been?
Alex thought he could hide from the view of the camera in Jen's ear. Tobin surreptitiously discovers a hole in the bottom of the tent.
While Melissa slept well, she couldn't shake the feeling that there was a reason she dreamt of elephant testicles all night.
Breakfast was awkward as Alex had accidentally witnessed Melissa reattaching pieces of her face in the tent earlier that morning.
Life can come at you pretty fast in the forest. Especially after you've been ejected from the car going 40mph.
It was us vs. the mountain. Steve made up his mind early on: we were gonna cheat.
Steve: I dare you to make love to that squirrel. Andy: You're on. Steve: That was fast. Were, were you already planning on doing that? Andy: ....
(in Tim Meadows' Johnnie Cochran impersonation voice)
That's a nice rock. That's a good looking rock. If that rock ran for president, I would vote for that rock. That rock is superb. If I were a rock, I'd make sweet love to that there rock.
Melissa: ..and if I grab its tiny little head in my palm, and squeeze, it makes funny sounds and squirms around. Isn't that adorable?
Squirrel: Sure, my name is Plague Squirrelthalamew III, but that's just a name. Judge me by my character, not my...oh shit, I bit you. You should probably see a doctor.
We didn't want to leave Melissa behind, but rules are rules.