An IC Picnic from long ago. Pix from one good and one crappy digicam. Please view in order for all the captions to make sense.
Gabe had been loyally guarding the keg for four hours before anyone arrived. This seemed to be an hour too long, as he barked and growled at fellow IC employees that approached his "precious cylinder of life".
Jen smugly thought my camera was out of batteries. Jen thought wrong.
Tobin: Hey guys, I brought the.....hey. Why are all you guys dogpiled on Wes? And why isn't Alex wearing any pants?
Simon, Chris and Talal no longer spoke to each other. They just posed and drank lite beer.
As Andy beckoned him closer, Gabe couldn't shake the feeling that this situation was eerily similar to a bedtime story he was read about two kids and a gingerbread house.
Andy: They fall for it every time. We're eating well today!
Josh (hand on left) thought he had arrived in time to stop Alex from eating any more of the diced human liver he mistook for beans. We found out later that this was Alex's second bowl.
Mark tried desperately to warn everyone about the contents of the 'special burgers'. But, given that he reaked of whiskey, we chose to ignore him.
In a fit of spring sexiness, a group of passing freshman flashed our group. Kenji, busy posing for this picture, and facing the wrong way, never forgave me.
Andy took pride in the fact that every single one of the chickens on his grill saw his grinning face before they died.
The college guy uniform of sunglasses and a bead necklace.
Rebecca was ready to defend her 1999 IC Boxing title. And she wasn't going to fall for that ole "You've broken my ribs!" trick this year either.
Mika's breakdancing act wasn't as fresh as it was 20 years ago.
David's expression often said "I'm up to no good." But it was all an act. He was actually thinking about feeding the homeless. Yeah, weird huh.
Kash, the consummate gentleman.