The IC hike that office staff embarks upon every fall. Pictures are from a low quality digicam. You've been warned.
Alex:: When you're milking a cow, it's not like milking a goat. A goat will eat your clothes when you try to milk it. A cow might kick ya in the face. I guess it's a nipple sensitivity thing. Never milked a pig though. I'm open to it.
Randall, Chris & Mike took classes in "smooth posing". And today it was finally paying off.
Our fearless leader needed a good swift kick to the pants every now and then to keep him sharp. We were helping him train for his military career. Yeah, that's it.
Sean needed to be in constant communication with his network of spies.
Alex: ..gatorade...check. iodine for emergency water purification...check. loaf of bread...check. box of super small condoms..che....hey!
Wes liked to show off how large he was by jumping into the driver's seat of other people's cars. He was easily amused.
When geeks attack nature - next on TLC.
Alex followed closely behind Andy's vehicle. He wasn't going to fall for that "the truck weigh stop is for all vehicles on Sundays" trick again.
Josh chose to ford the river, which was 2 feet deep. He lost 2 oxen, 3lbs of food, and Rebecca drowned.
Wes counted us all to make sure no one was left behind. He was big on sticking together, in fact, he insisted all the female employees stick to him like "flies on shit." What a caring guy.
Alex's stigmata stunt didn't go over very well with the Catholics in the group. His revealing red shorts, however, were a huge hit.
Wes was always happiest after a few minutes of staring directly into the sun.
Christine (to herself): Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Must not use fist of death on young Randall. He's still a teenager and knows not what he does.
Jen had been meditating until I took her picture. She claimed that I stole her soul when I did so. Then I held out my hand and taunted her with "Got your soul!" until she broke down and cried. Ah, those were the days.
Alex kept saying "no more pictures." But if a restraining order can't stop me, what makes him think 3 silly words will.