Alex: Judge not this man, for how he once knew a sheep in the biblical sense, but judge him for the contents of his heart.
Steve: Hey Kash, does this face say "I'm a badass." ? Cuz I wanna be hardcore like you, ya knows. Maybe if I give it a little more chin I can.. Kash: Fuck off.
Jen scampered away before Wes could pull anything else from his trousers.
Ado's image of her coworkers as sexually repressed dweeebs took a hit when Wes introduced the 'pin the cockring on your boss' game while wearing nothing but a loincloth.
Wes: It's ok Tobin. Losing control over your bladder happens to the best of us. Hell, it happened to me once. Of course, I was 5, but that's not the point...
Billy liked to challenge Wes for the title of alpha-male at each IC event.
Steve: How bout if I stick my teef out like dis and make "duhhhhhh" noises? Kash: OK, I'm seriously gonna kick your ass now. (and in the back) Max: Of course this is pudding. What else could it be?
Kelly:..of course, this award doesn't come with any additional compensation. Welcome to capitalism.
Alex: ..thank you thank you. But really, my enormous penis deserves half the accolades. Wait, what's this award for again?
Grayson: ..and this award is made from the finest German oak. Germany is a very fine country you know. Sure, all the history books start at 1950, but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for that.
Andy: C'mon, leg wrestle me! Best 2 outta 3!
Phil: That was impressive, don't you think? Naseem: Shhh. I'm trying to look bored and indifferent. Guys love that shit.
Kelly: {head starts to rotate around her neck like that girl from The Exorcist} Andy: Yeah, I'm outta here.
Alex's demands of rides on everyone's shoulders would have been a lot more comfortable if he didn't have an erection half the time.
Tobin expressed affection through a series of headbutts. Not everyone saw it coming.