MacWorld San Francisco 2004
In line for the keynote. The expo was briefly put on 'orange alert' when someone in line was spotted with an HP laptop. After an hour of finger wagging and platform shaming, we finally got to enter the building.
G5 trashcans - now with Altivec odor-fighting power.
This is what we affectionately called the herd. Cattle, not being known for their smarts, are prone to accidents. For example, the grey-haired gentleman in the lower left corner just swallowed his own tongue.
The impromptu auditions for new iPod ads by audience members can be described in a single word: ahhhhhhhhhhh!
This guy had a lot of buttons on his shirt. I, apparently, had a lot of those novelty chattering teeth in my pocket when I took this shot.
Steve Jobs, the aqua-messiah.
Steve: This thing said 'goodbye' to the competition. Hahaha. Get it? It says 'hello' on the screen, and the opposite of...nevermind. Looks like my joke writer will lose another finger today.
Jobs likes showing this slide at every Macworld to remind himself that, at one time, even Bill Gates couldn't afford good clothes or a decent haircut.
The original Teletubby.
Steve Jobs: ..and do you know why this is the best tv ad of all time? Bouncing breasts and short shorts. Woz wanted someone in sweats and an Apple hat, but after an hour or two of chinese water torture, he saw it my way.
OK, it may just be me, but does it look like the Apple is after something in this picture?
Presenter: ..and Final Cut Express 2 comes with a handy new penis interface for hands free operation. Just...shake it a little this way and that...oh yeah..and that rumble feature...oh..oh...look at those live effects!!
Pac-Man has resorted to taking odd jobs ever since Namco went 3D.
"Rabid dogs and their effects on children" - my first iMovie.
John Mayer, who showed up to demo Apple's new GarageBand software, punched his palm under his keyboard everytime Jobs mentioned Jack Johnson. Which, surprisingly, was several times a minute.