MacWorld San Francisco 2005
The cattle. These dedicated geeks got in line for the keynote around 5am. The rain outside was their shower. So the cattle comment wasn't entirely about waiting in line.
Stogieman (right) identified the exits in case of a geek stampede. While rare, they have been known to happen when some of the more hardcore fans are deprived of Steve Jobs' life giving reality-distortion field for too long.
The mac geek circle jerk. No touching.
A female Apple employee checks her email without being accosted. I know, I'm shocked too.
Umbrella-man: I declare this section for MacOSRumors! the crowd boos loudly Random man: Suck my spymac! Umbrella-man: Who said that?! I will cast my level 9 icy smiting spell on you! You'll rue the day you messed with me!
The handy location text in the bottom of the screen was put in place after 48 hungover people thought they were in line for a Green Day concert last year.
Apple reveals the secret to their R&D process: trans-dimensional portals.
Steve Jobs (off-screen): And this is what PC Magazine said about my ass after I faxed them a copy of it. That's right, it's tight. Here, I'll bounce a quarter off it just to prove it to you.
It's not water.
Steve wasn't sure why, but the name Isaac suddenly popped into his head.
Steve Jobs: iLife 04 was a beautiful merging of products. Not like when you were in college, and you were trying to convince two women to kiss each other. You deserved that black eye dork.
Steve Jobs (off-screen): Hehehehehe. So my wife...nah, it's too easy. I love this feature.
iPhoto picture alignment - digital correction for when you're finally sober
Steve Jobs: This new Sony HDV is amazing. No no, don't stop talking. Just pretend I'm not here. That's it. Oh yeah. Now give me 'pouty'.
Steve surprised everyone by announcing the new Robot John Mayer.