July 4th weekend. A trip to an island, a lot of fireworks, too many golf carts, and whole bunch of sun.
Lord Vader's hiding places for the imperial AT-ATs left something to be desired.
The world's largest rotating tie rack.
Max laughed at the delicious irony of having a digital picture taken of him and his Amish beard.
I bet Steve (bridge, center screen) he couldn't jump off the bridge and land on the Charmin cargo container passing below. We were about to see who would be the lucky recipient of a crisp new $5 bill.
Rick knew that Tessa's shirt read 'Sweet', but her hair tasted rather stringy.
Frohike would never wear a hat like that.
Steve: ...and that, young sir, is how babies are made. Why? Shouldn't you have heard this all by now? Wait...you weren't taking pictures of me doing those..um..hand gestures were you?
OK, so it was the 4th of July. I had to have at least one picture of a flag. So here it is. Soak it up.
The lighthouse at the beginning of it's workday; soon to shine light on the debauchery of sailors passing nearby.
Awwww. How cute. Steve and Anna and a bottle of some unidentified liquid. That's a recipe for rosy cheeks if I ever saw one.
Sean and Jess smile for the camera. And..um...sit on a giant albino tortoise. Yup, that's exactly what happened.
Tessa's curiosity about dolphins' mating rituals would soon be quenched, in a most unusual way.
A frazzled Sean is most dangerous when it is hungry. Throw some candy on the floor and walk away. Slowly.
Valium - the choice of a new generation.
Ever since Max was a child, he has carried a pistol on boat trips. The therapist thought it may have something to do with how we tortured him with hot pokers while forcing him to watch The Little Mermaid. But what does that quack know.