Getty pictures. Mostly of people, but we were at the Getty, hence the name.
A long path, with light at the end. It could mean only one thing....public restrooms at long last.
These are umbrellas. They provide shade. I have no idea why I took this picture. Get off my case man!
After a nice flight thru the train photography exhibit, worker bee #19571 gets back to his one true love: fucking flowers.
Hehe....Randall...hehe.....bread.....hehe...oops. (if you weren't there, you won't get it. so don't worry about it)
Billy would wonder for days why I stuck a syringe in his neck. Three wondrous, hazy days.
Bird in flight.
When you view art, you have to look your best. Because, you know, those statues can see you. Wouldn't want to disappoint a 9 ft tall naked man.
Paka didn't appreciate our little game of "catch the gummy bear". He'll really hate it when he finds the one on the back of his head a few hours later.
Paka: Are you looking at my lens? Are you?! Billy: This PS2 game is REALLY realistic!
This is Shasta. She has a camera, sunglasses, and a black & white shirt. You make your own joke, I'm tired.
Overcome with a spontaneous burst of energy, the red skirted woman kicked off her shoes, ran forward, and swan dove into the pond below. The fact that it was only 4 inches deep was information she received..far too late.
Shasta: There there Paka. It's ok. They didn't have to be so rough with you. Besides, what do they know. How can they be so sure that statues don't like full body massages?