Sunset dinner cruise off the coast. September 2002.
Andy's new X-ray glasses were terrific. The only problem was concentrating really really hard on someone's face during a conversation instead of...other areas. Especially with Alex.
Andy: ...and this is where the boat operators clear themselves of any liability if you happen to be swallowed by a whale. The Pinnochio clause. This worries me.
Jess had often wondered what grapes looked like thru purple colored glasses. Would they be invisible? Super-purple? The possibilities excited her.
Sean rubbed the back of his head against the rivets on the boat. That'd be fine if he hadn't started moaning and screamed out people's names. Who the hell is "Sunshine" anyhow? Wait, I don't want to know.
Lora doesn't know what she'd do without Billy. For example: she doesn't know how else she would have gotten a baby seal jacket made so quickly for her. Billy was an animal, those seals never saw the club that hit them.
The Sun: Hey moon, can you do this?! Thought not. Chump.
Jen(thru her teeth): Alex, honey, shouldn't we have taken you to the hospital after that bull gored you this afternoon? Alex: Nonsense, I paid for this cruise and I'm going to enjoy it. Now hold my guts in and say CHEESE!
Jess and Jen promised a random woman on the boat that they'd be friends forever if she bought them some beer. They didn't really think she'd do it. Sheesh, some people are soooo gullible.
Jess (internal): Such a beautiful sunset. Look at the colors. Wow. I wonder if I left the oven on. Wait, I don't have an oven in my apartment. Guess I couldn't have burnt any cookies. Mmmmm, cookies.
Paka's glasses hid the black eye, but we all saw Shasta hit him with that 2x4. And no Shasta, taking the nails out of the board first doesn't make it ok.
Ropes and cables and beams, oh my. Yeah, that's all I got.
Sean: I bet if those people leaned over just a little bit more, it wouldn't take much of a push to send them into the drink. Just like in 'Throw Momma From the Train'. Yeah, Captain Janeway had it coming in that one.
Alex ignored Sean's request for him to "back up just a little bit more" when he felt the cool mist of ocean spray on his back. One day, Alex swore, that guy would get his comeuppance.
The store mannequins we placed at the bow of the ship brought us hours of amusement. Especially when we pushed them overboard and screamed for the boat captain to stop and rescue them. Yeah....good times.
Woman: Bah, I've seen better.