Still causing chaos and disorder a decade later. Pictures uploaded and captioned by various high school goons. Still causing havoc a decade later.
(at Rachel's family house for a pre-reunion brunch) Rachel: So we know each other from high school, do we? Ok smarty, so what number, between 1 and 100 am I thinking of?! Mari: Um...
Mari ponders the nature of happiness and bliss. Or she's tasting the strand of corn stuck in her teeth. They're both closely related.
Liz knew that Rachel enjoyed the November heatwave, but she didn't think that nudity was appropriate for a brunch.
Three pitchers of mimosas were just the beginning of our preparation for the reunion.
Leprechauns will do a table dance for $20. This was the first of many lessons Gabi would learn this fateful day.
Leprechauns will tickle your feet for $5. Now that's a bargain.
Mari ponders the meaning of life, the nature of the universe, and why some trees smell like semen.
Mari always carried a small dagger behind her back for photo ops with Sean. It was the only way to ensure he smiled.
Who would have thought they'd see these two drinking!
The suckers who paid $90 to eat bad chicken!
Liz: Holy shit! You've grown like 4 inches. Marhsall: That's not the only thing that's grown, if you know what I mean. Ya know? That other thing... Liz: Yeah, I get it. Marshall: My penis. Liz: Enough!
Anthony, still in the shadows of the all-powerful Sean...
Liz knew of 34 pressure points on the human body to make someone smile. This was #12.
Jon: Haha, no really guys; I have no idea who this woman is or why she has pictures of me in her purse.
Rachel was dying for the opportunity to tell someone about her special talent involving bowling balls and sea lions. You wouldn't think that'd be a hard segue to work in, but you'd be wrong.