So many people had birthdays in April we had to combine it all into one party.
Andria, not a fan of lasagna, contemplated sticking her head in the oven until someone told her we had garlic bread as well.
Steve and Andria had never seen someone do that to a couch before. But it was giving them ideas...
Paka (quietly): Sean, don't look now, but I think Billy just laughed so hard he peed on your couch.
Jen, who had attempted to remove the Lilo figurine's tubetop, was met with an unpleasant electric shock. Disney's "anti-sex" devices to the rescue once again.
Paka: I'm totally gonna have this thing make out with my Pocahontas doll.
Shasta channeled the power of the candles thru her body. In the coming minutes she would throw them, one by one, at her enemies. Her enemies, for their part, would pick wax off their clothes and continue whatever they were doing.
Cakes floating in midair! Spooooky! What? They can see the hand? Well shiiiit.
There's nothing better than a three-saliva chocolate cake.
Billy wasn't expecting anything besides the camera to be pointing at him.
Andria: These are the best part. Hot wax, a little bit of sugar, what else could you ask for in a food?!
Whenever Alex was given a knife, everyone protected their groin. We all wish Andy a speedy recovery from his 'accident' at the last party. We hear they can do wonderful things with prosthetics nowadays.
Billy fancied himself a suave man, a learned man, a man about town. What billy didn't fancy was the fact that Lora was about to show the group pictures of him as a child, naked and screaming on top of an ant hill.
Shasta had the sinking suspicion that someone was making fun of her bright green girlie drink.
Alex always found a way to hide his erection.
The world's smallest cheese grater in action. (we must have been many drinks in to think of using it)