Shots from going downtown in the year 2002. Complicated, isn't it. Photos by Sean, Avery & Paka
Avery and Lora get an early start on the evening, drinking a handful of buttery nipples. That's right, I said "handful" and "nipples" in the same sentence. I am easily amused.
Paka almost falls for it when we jokingly tell him there is an extra form of payment the driver requires.
Enough was enough. Paka's habit of juggling bloody pig gonads was amusing for awhile, but Sean felt this last fumble crossed a line somehow.
With only two women on the dance floor, Lora grew impatient, eventually yelling "Where are all the fucking sausages!"
Billy tried to tune to his favorite radio station. Instead he got Rum, Coke, and one excited Paka.
Bartender, I'll have whatever Avery just had. Scratch that, I'll have half the amount she had. Just to be safe.
A mighty chain that can only be broken by....hey look, peanuts!
While Avery was temporarily disabled by the camera's flash, Lora took the opportunity to kick Billy square in the nuts.
"It's good to be the king."
I have no idea what that is in Avery's mouth. Is it a cheetoh? chapstick? gum? her deformed tongue? maybe it's best Sean never finds out. (some time later) Upon further investigation, it turns out the mystery object is a peanut. Avery's former career in the circus pays off once again.
Paka gave big hugs to all the mounted police he saw. Although he chuckled and repeated "hehe, mounted" a few times too many.
Strange Man (internal): They're talking about me, aren't they? What are they saying?! Strange Woman (internal): Man, this guy never puts out. Hmm, I wonder if that guy with the camera is single.
Billy: Is she laughing at me? Shasta: Well, you are standing in a puddle of your own urine. Billy: Your point being?
Paka: I gawt five fingerrs!
Paka knew the tanlines would give him away eventually, but he couldn't bring himself to tell Shasta he was the daytime Robin. Batman had sworn him to secrecy.