Andy & Dorothy's Tiki Party - April 2003
Tiki torches need their privacy too.
The food looked great. Well, at least until Billy licked all the toothpicks, stuck them in the middle of each dish and exclaimed "I declare this {looks at printed food label}... coconut dolphin stew for the land of Billy!"
Alex made a mental note as he quietly reflected on what it would feel like to wear a skirt over an open fire.
Andy enjoys snapping towels on young men's bare asses. We only hope this "hobby" won't find it's way into the upcoming wedding ceremony.
Sean wasn't falling for it. Jen had been missing for hours and now there was this new soylent punch for everyone to enjoy. So he stuck to the safe stuff: toilet water.
Here Paka is demonstrating that even with alcohol, leis, tiki torches, crushed ice, and exotic food, you can't take the geekiness out of the geek.
If there is some sort of pig god up there in the sky, he will most surely strike us down for this egregious sin. But not if we eat him first.
That was the last time Alex lent his dentures out to a perfect stranger.
Distant cousins reunited in death. I bet that argument about the truffle that drove them apart so many years ago seems pretty damned petty now, don't it.
Jen demonstrates the proper way to toke up as the Flash leaves the room in a blur. He didn't think it was that kind of crowd. He has a reputation to think about.
Andy is a calm man. But if those two didn't stop singing those god damned hymns, they were going to get a cold surprise right in their off-key faces.
Lora: Is Alex supposed to have the pig on his head? Billy: I don't think he's supposed to have those pineapple slices around his penis either, but that doesn't seem to have stopped him.
Paka: Were you tickling my bum?
Alex: I don't get it. That's not funny. Lora (laughing): Oh c'mon! With the zipper and his..thing...and..hhahaha... Billy: I hate my life. But I love you alcohol.
Paka and Lora try not to listen as Jen demonstrates something Alex does 'furiously'.