Our BBQ for Memorial Day weekend.
Andria: That sweater is cute! Give it to me and I won't break you in two. Tobin (internal): If I move my legs apart just a little bit more...maybe they'll realize I'm coming onto them. Paka: *sniff* Tobin....that hussy!
Masi, king of the under 1 foot tall club and winner of the 2002 National Cross-Species Staring Contest.
Avery loves to play the "pass the invisible diaper" game.
Alex liked to name every tree when he went somewhere new. His current tree of interest - Furry the fir.
David, still amusing himself with his little "i'm not coming to the bbq" ruse.
Tobin: Hot potato! Hot potato! Or is that potatoE? Fuck! I should have paid attention in grade school.
Andria: When I grab my throat and talk, it maaaakkkkkeeeess wwwweeeeiiiiiirrrrrdddd souuuuunnndddssss.
The ole "naked under the trenchcoat" trick just didn't have the same effect on Alex since he 'found himself'.
Paka: Alright Masi. When I let you go, you run over to the bbq site over there, grab their steak, and bring it back to me. Got it?
Steve wondered why, when she spoke on her cell phone, Andria always went out of focus. Must be a chick thing.
Alex played with no emotion whatsoever. This allowed him to focus completely on basketball. And once he figured out that the ball doesn't bounce well on grass, he'd be well on his way to greatness.
Tobin, tired of the old fashioned method of throwing a frisbee, began to toss the disc with his hand sticking thru his zipper. No one wanted to catch after that.