Phil, Bradley and Annie invade my town and take no prisoners.
It turns out Phil isn't used to finding strange people he assumed only existed on the internet actually standing in his hotel room.
The group was all smiles as we headed downtown to geekify the joint.
Phil: ..and this is the end that magically sucks in the picture. Just don't let it get near your pecker, if you know what's good for ya.
Even while wearing an Apple shirt, Phil was starting to think the evening was getting too nerdy even for him.
Phil: I'm double fisting it here. Pick up the pace ya wankers.
Annie started off the night sharking the locals at billiards. Once they ran out of cash, she happily took their clothing. Pushing through the crowd that night was extra special.
Phil was surprised at the responses they were getting to Bradley's "Can I photograph your uvula?" pickup line.
Shit. Gents, we're going to have to be leaving.
Bradley toasts us with his 5th beer. After which he lost the power of coherent speech.
The night is not complete without some nipple twisting action. Or so Bradley kept telling us.
Madeline, Sean's friend we randomly ran into, tries to turn away politely after overhearing ramblings about cash, star wars guys, and some nonsense about a zim-fire.
Awww, how cute. Sadly, at this point Bradley didn't even recognize his own wife. But, luckily for us, he was quite susceptible to suggestions.
Phil: We've had this discussion before hippy, there are good touches, and there are bad touches.
Knowing that their power was derived from their hair, Annie secretly shaved their heads while they slept.
Wendel was using these humans to get to their beer. But he also wasn't one to pass up a good butt rub.