BBQ, frisbee and matching shirts.
Chris: If I rub my legs together fast enough, the seagulls will take it as a mating call. And that's when the fun begins.
Seeing the word "mission" always made Billy think dirty dirty thoughts.
Alex: Have you ever wondered if lima beans will grow in a can of coke?
Jen: Whatever.
Christine wasn't sure if it was legal to bbq an ox at a campground. Irene, on the other hand, relished in the sweet revenge. She had finally found a fitting way to get back at that big dumb lumberjack that left her at the altar.
Tobin was like a 3 year old kid; so proud of his penis he had to show it off wherever he went.
Andy: Tritip..check. Slab o' beef...check. Sheep testicles on foil..coming up.
Wes, forgetting that sunglasses prevented people from seeing his eyes, and not his entire body, stripped completely and proceeded to make graphic hand and mouth gestures to all the ladies present.
Christine had a hard time looking people in the eye during long conversations.
Alex: This is the Alex Express, now taking passengers to the ocean, the snack table, and, if you're good, to a secluded park bench.
Randall pretended nothing happened as Avery and Irene admired the Jolly Green Giant passing by in his emerald colored speedo.
Paka: I love plates!
Lora had secretly replaced Billy's wedge of lime in his Corona with a human ear. Let's see if he can tell the difference..
Alex got this uneasy feeling that people were laughing at him.
Christine grew impatient as Wes prodded each piece of meat, whispered "I see dead cows", and then giggled like a tipsy school girl.
Lance and Luke wore the same clothes so they'd never get lost..from each other.