Aquatic adventures for Sean's birthday. Pictures by Sean, Steve & David
Having plastered a photo of Sean with his head on a naked statue all around the pool area, Sean couldn't go five feet without a perfect stranger giggling, staring at his crotch and asking how his sheep was doing.
Randall: Point the lens at what you want to take a picture of. Then click that button on top. And if it's of a naked lady, get duplicates from Costco.
We were all impressed that Randall could make 'fire puppets' such as this giraffe. What bothered us was the urinating to "feed the thirsty beast" shortly after.
Steve knew that becoming a missionary on the cannibal isle of GrubGrub would be dangerous.
Tobin: Won't anyone, please, pretty please, pull my finger? I don't know how much longer I can hold it.
Paka envied Jen. At least she had sunglasses to shield herself from the screaming white flesh that stood before them.
Randall: C'mon guys! There is still plenty of Steve to go around! You can tell this guy was an athlete.
Andria, no rookie to water battles, was dumbfounded as David pulled the ball from his trunks, screamed "I've got another!" and went in for the kill.
Nothing says home to David like his head between two large balls.
Fresh out of beachballs, Sean decided to flick boogers.
Paka: I'll save you ball!!!
Every activity seems suspicious when you take the picture from behind a tree. Even putting on socks. If that's what he was really doing.
According to Tobin's brother, it was important to put sunscreen on your tongue.
Randall: Yeah, I don't know what the hell that is either Paka. But I can't take my eyes off of it.
When it turned out that Lora was allergic to Paka, we were all a little sad. Billy, however, was content to repeat the phrase "Have you seen my beachball?!" over and over again until we threw him in the pool. These two events were later found to be unrelated. And this joke was ruled 'unfunny'.