Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow.
Billy: That's the great thing about a crowded bar; I can fart and no one can hear it. Well, except for you. Sorry.
Trust me, it was 100 times worse half a second before this picture was taken.
Avery hoped the camera could capture a picture of her soul. When this failed, she swallowed the camera. You don't wanna know how we got it back.
Paka enjoyed taunting other dancers.
Nothing upsets mother hibbard (upper center) more than implied lesbian activity.
As Sean was busy chewing 5 sticks of gum, the man behind them was bartering with a woman for a dance. He went as high as 2 squirtles and 1 pikachu before giving up and putting the rest of his Pokemon cards back in his pocket.
We've all seen the ass slap dance move. What we havent seen is the look of "You shall be punished for not doing your homework young girl!" look on Billy's face during it. And maybe that was for the best.
Paka, Shasta, Sean are dancing yadda yadda whatever. What I want to know is what the hell is that guy to the left doing?! I've heard of dirty dancing but c'mon.
Avery collapsed in the corner, unable to take the rigors of dancing any longer. Or standing. Or opening her eyes. You know, strenuous shit.
A nice group shot. I'm not sure if Billy was hovering over Paka's ass or just patting it. But hey, what goes on in the limo cab stays in the limo cab. Oh..oops.