Yes, this is the actual cake that Sean got for his birthday. And no, I don't know why the Star Wars action figure is staring at his crotch.
Sean, believing very deeply in the lore of Highlander, chops off his own ice cream cake head. He waited for his quickening for 4 minutes before he was shoved aside and the cake properly distributed.
Water beads off Sean so well that we can't help but guess that he accidentally used Turtle Wax on his face instead of sunscreen.
Andria's camouflage had one fatal flaw...skin. And directional viewing. And it might have been a shade or two too dark. But hey, an A for effort.
Sean (to himself): Such a pretty box. All those letters and words. One day god, I promise, I'll learn to read and find out what they say.
It's hard to tell, but Sean is tilting his head to mimic the head on the piece of cake he carries. It's not hard to see Billy staring at Sean's ass.
No one touched the cake after Randall sat on it with his bare ass. That's right, not even Tobin.