5/31/03 - Steve & Andria have one last (and first) party at their pad.
As Andy unwrapped the cheese slices, he mused over his belief that more things should come in slice form. Coffee, mayo, fish, puppies, candy, girlfriends, the possibilities were endless. So Andy decided do something about it; he bought a very heavy mallet.
While Jess and Andria pretended to be amused by Billy's half naked jig, Andria was slowly reaching for her kitchen scissors.
Alex: If you knead the ice like some firm buttocks, you'll get better....hey, this is pretty nice. You guys want in on this?
I was going to say "That's one hot pepper!" but then I figured people would pour hot wax on my eyeballs, so I'm not going to say that.
Andy watched in horror as Dorothy swallowed the last piece of steak. Steve had promised that to him not ten minutes ago. He shot Steve one last look before the waterworks began.
Andy dropped another slice onto the burgers right next to the 'bigger than u' brand hotdogs.
Andria would usually help a fellow human in need. You know, like her boyfriend getting his zipper stuck in the garbage disposal. But she just refilled her drink, and damned if she was gonna put it down for some jerk to swipe it.
Billy: *gulp* Is that what I think it is? Alex: I dunno, but my hotdog just got bigger.
Stevey Stevey sat on a wall, Stevey Stevey had a short fall. And all the kings horses and all the kings men, Stole Stevey's margarita.
Alex, having run out of petals to place at Jen's feet as she walked, used New Castle coasters instead.
Paka knew how to surprise the ladies. And he had been peppersprayed 13 times to prove it.
Jen (internal): Oh my god. He's not going to act out this joke is he? Shasta (internal): *burp* Wait, I missed the first part of this joke. Is this the one with the donkey punch, the nun, and the cotton swabs?
Billy: Yes Alex, I do think 30 feet is some kind of record. But was it really necessary to prove it right now?
Alex found it necessary to wear something representative of the drink he was currently consuming. This made taking shots such as the 'blowjob' and 'buttery nipple' into awkward social situations.
Sean: So if I give you my watch will you tell me where you hid my pants?