Jess (internally): If he takes another picture of me I'm going to spend my winnings on myself. Or I'll make him buy feminine products. Yeah, that'll do.
Lora, knowing Paka was a sucker for a hug, took the opportunity to palm $5 worth of his chips. Paka, knowing Lora a thief, had licked all of his chips.
Paka: Psst. Hehe. I had these cards stuffed in my shoe the whole time. I think Sean suspects. No! Don't look at him.
Madeline: I've got margarita mix in my hair, don't I? Damnit, this is my 12th birthday all over again.
Paka was intent on spilling wine on his shirt until it matched the walls.
At Andy/Dorothy's holiday/poker night, Andy secretly set up a camera in the bathroom. Only properly sauced attendees could take a peek at the monitor behind the bar. For an extra $10 he'd let them press the button for the remote controlled bidet.
While Billy enjoyed a good joke, he wasn't sure how many times he could tolerate Lora telling the story of his prostate exam.
The power of the hat was enormous. It took two hours and a trained exorcist to get Jen back to normal.
Paka believed meditation could help him stave off intoxication. He also believed in the easter bunny, clapping to bring fairies back to life, and Barbara Streisand movies. So...ya know.
Steve: Man, I never thought I'd be saying this, but....'What would Ben Affleck do?'
Vince liked to keep all his chips in one long row. Anything else seemed unnatural.
Andy's quick hands served him well once again.
Because he lost a bet, Paka agrees to do the ring of fire. This consists of one shot of each beverage on the booze carousel.
Paka (swaying slightly): This is great. Shot after shot without some jerk bartender telling me "You've had enough!" or "That beer is $8.50" or "Sir, please remove your penis from the bar."
Paka: How come one of these says 'Turpentine'? Is that a new brand of vodka?