The ring comes full circle.
Dorothy: Ok, here's one: You're on a full bus when in walks Jesus, Ghandi, and Telly Savalas. Who do you give your seat up to? Shasta: Hmm, two bald men to choose from. That's a toughie.....
There was a joke here about "How many men wearing monkey shirts does it take to change a lightbulb?" but we chose not to use it.
Andy's new chips were a highlight of the evening. They were caressed to the point where several people had to ask Andy if his wife minded.
Oh yeah, that's the stuff. No no, just sit there and look pretty.
The telephoto lens at the poker table - always inconspicuous.
I gave Shasta $5 to eat this chip. I told her she could smother it in salsa. I'm nice like that.
"You see, the chips, they come together in perfect harmony. A shuffle is like making love. Only with many partners, combining at once." "Can you please stop talking now?"
Billy (internal): Holy shit, I've forgotten my name. Ok, don't panic. I'll just sit here, staring at nothing in particular until someone calls my name. Oops! I've been staring at someone's breasts. Now they're going to call me a "dirty boy" and I'll never know who I really am. This is so depressing.